Professional design increases the perceived value of your business, products, and services. Block Alternatives is committed to keeping your design cost down while providing high-quality art.

Screen Print Design
Rather than hiring our artist to polish poor artwork that isn’t designed for screen printing, why not take advantage of our design services to create a killer t-shirt design specific to your project? Our design and illustration skills are top notch. We have created unique apparel designs for hundreds of brands, businesses, non-profits, retail stores, and private label apparel companies over the past twenty five years. We can work with our customer’s ideas, budgets, and garment preference, allowing us to maximize design and print capabilities. Send us an email detailing your design project and let’s create together.

Apparel Graphic Design Styles
There are millions of apparel design styles and just as many possible graphic solutions. We understand that our customers are unique and our favorite styles don’t make sense for everybody. For that reason, we prefer to work closely with our customers to understand their needs so we can determine which design styles and creative techniques make sense for you and your budget.

Creating Your Shirt Design
We work with our customer’s ideas to develop unique apparel designs or take your napkin scribbles to create professional, print-ready shirt designs. If you have a drawing that you want to use we can scan it, clean it, revise it, and use it by itself or with other artwork, text, or design elements.

Whether you have a very specific idea in mind or a vague theme, we can work with you to create designs that meet the needs of your project. You apparel project is unique and we need to fully understand your project so we can create t-shirt designs that reflect your style, your business, your brand, or your band. Design is communication, if you can clearly communicate your ideas with us, we’ll be more likely to create the visual communication you’re looking for, saving our time, your money, and promoting happiness in the process!
If you don’t have a specific idea for your apparel graphic design, that’s not a problem! We have many customers that give us a subject, a quote, a concept, a goal, or a style and a budget and know that we have the creative skills to create designs that will work for their budget and creative needs. Send us an email and let’s talk about what makes sense for your design project.

Custom Illustration
Sometimes customer artwork design goes beyond the confines of basic creative design. We love to push the limits here with custom illustrations, original graphics, and even unique logo designs. Once we have a clear idea of your design project we can get you a specific apparel graphic design quote for your approval. We begin our illustration process by putting together some rough designs for your approval; once we have your approved sketches, we can start to put some love into your design. Custom illustrations take a good amount of time, so you won’t get them tomorrow and you won’t get them for free. Custom illustration projects generally require a minimum art budget of $200 to get started.

Logo Design
Making the best first impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work with you and create a logo that’s fresh, innovative, and means business. Browse our portfolio, look at what we’ve created for others and imagine your logo – re-imagined! We take the time to get to know you and together we will discover your company’s optimal message. Our goal is to understand both your products and services, as well as what you need, to achieve your goals. Then, we’ll produce concept logo designs for you to choose from… and you are on your way.

Contemporary Print Design
Your business print design needs to reflect both traditional media, as well as online and digital platforms. Our proven experience in both of these areas is a decided advantage for clients and provides many benefits. From ready-to-print business cards to branded letterhead design, we do it all. Traditional to digital. Successful businesses have learned the importance of maintaining the highest quality image when it’s translated to the digital world. Our expertise ensures your presence will have the same quality and impact. This means you can reinforce the Brand Identity wherever your customers find you